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freedom is as freedom does

bound in an intricate belt system
that loops under the arms and restricts the knees
it goes through the valleys that dip low and
runs close to the "whoopsie
don't look or touch there" space

masquerading this co-creation as a masterpiece
when it's a fistful of petals and desecration
with the colors squeezed out to accelerate the
pale yellow that functions as flesh beneath the bone

the binds are too tight
grip the rubber harder between the teeth
bitter material imprinted on the tongue
flakes off when the molar grinds too much

the binds are too tight
chafe the rope wound around the wrists
rough strands scratching one level below surface
leave marks redder than the inner thigh

the binds are too tight
room enough to wriggle and unwind
into the vanilla headspace that functions as a place of comfort
when Mister/Mistress claims the bound as Stockholm'd Prey

freedom is as freedom does
I wrote this when I thought about 3D Maneuver Gear, but then it wound up as something 100% different. Oops.
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Submitted on
January 8, 2014


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